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Feeding Programs

There was such a high need to feed families in lower income, and as most ministries go, when you reach the children, you reach the whole family. We began supporting Ciudad de Refugio in 2008, and from that root has grown all the other feeding programs. This was the model that became apparent to other churches in Guaymas. So while we only sponsor four, there are countless others throughout the city.

Ciudad de Refugio

Fatima, Guaymas

Est. 2004

Ciudad de Refugio means "City of Refuge". This ministry began as a refuge place for children in Fatima to escape the everyday struggles of gang violence and rough family life. Pastor Rafael and his family run the feeding program 3 times a week, providing  bible stories, homework times, and cultural classes along with hot meals and a safe place to be. As the kids grew up, there was a an opportunity for youth group to develop as well. This ministry has become a spring full of opportunities for ministry that have expanded throughout other areas in Guaymas. 








Belen, Casa de Pan

Independencia, Guaymas

Est. 2015

From the two daughters Lupita and Geraldo fostered, the primary school in Indepencia approached them to see if they would consider working with other underpriveledged children in the community. Lupita was given a list of 40 children, and with that they began their feeding program. Belen, Casa de Pan means "Bethlehem, House of Bread" . Bethlehem was where Jesus started, and He is the bread of life, which is what they wanted their house to represent to everyone they came into contact with. Lupita, Geraldo, their family and their staff run their feeding program 3 times a week. They do bible teaching, english classes, homework times, and as well as special events including youth group and women's events to encourage family unity. 

Jesús Pan de Vida

San Bernardo, Sonora

Est. 2017

Mirsha and Rafael saw a huge need in their community as many would stop by their home for food each day. Their community was divided by native tribal mexicans and those who lived in town. Mirsha used the feeding program to unite the children from both communities and show them that neither was above the other, and all were loved by God. Jesús Pan de Vida means "Jesus, Bread of Life". Mirsha and Rafael run their feeding program once a week, and through this feeding program, the children of both communites are coming together as one. 





Buscando el Tesoro

Empalme, Sonora

Est. 2018

 Pastor Luis saw the success of the other feeding programs in the area, and knew that his neighboring community had the same need. After running the program on his own, and coming up short, he asked us if we could help. Pastor Luis runs his feeding program once a week, and they also do a separate feeding program for the men. Buscando el Tesoro means "Seeking the Treasure". Through this program, Pastor Luis's congregation has grown as he reached out to the families who were seeking more for their life. 












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