Stories: Pastor Pablo, Guaymas

From Pallets to Pallace

Update May 31, 2011

After more than two years of working hand in hand with the congregation of Iglesia de Dios and many teams from Canada and the US, both a pastoral house and a new church building have been completed. If you had the chance to visit the church in their previous pallet church and were to stumble upon the new building, you would no doubt not recognize the new structure in its place! Its a testimony to God's faithfulness as He provided for this vibrant congregation, previously bursting at the seams. The pastor has shared with us pictures from the previous building, though the different stages of construction, to the final product. Praise God for His faithfulness! Click on the images below to take a look.

Photo Gallery - Iglesia de Dios

Iglesia De Dios - Pastor Pablo

Pastor Pablo's church, Iglesia De Dios before the construction began.

Praise God for His providence in our physical and spiritual needs! Previously meeting in the church building you see on the right, through the help of a number of churches in Canada and the US as well as many hours of work by the church and selling thousands of tomales, God provided Pastor Pablo and his church not only a pastoral house but also the beautiful church building they now meet in.

Being in a poorer area of Guaymas, it is difficult for the church to support their pastor, never mind take on a building project of this magnitude. None the less, they had a dream as a church to build a larger building for 12 years, to better accommodate the growing congregation. We took teams to their services, crammed ourselves in the little remaining available space, and were always blessed worship together with these brothers.

Two years ago the lines were marked out around the existing structure, marking out the fulfillment of a dream, and a testimony to God's goodness and providence. Teams came alongside the church financially and also lending a hand in building the project. From prepping and pouring the floor, the purchasing the bricks different teams from Canada and the US gave a helping hand. The church itself hired men from within the church to put up the walls and funded it through many fundraisers they themselves did, such as selling tomales tirelessy, almost every week. Then came the roof and now all that remain are the windows and some wiring.

One of the teams involved from Christ Lutheran Church in Phoenix were able to take part in an emotional service near the end of the roofing project. In this service one elderly man shared in particular how he had had the dream many years ago of seeing their congregation build a new structure. And with tears he shared how grateful he was in being able to see the day that this project would be completed.

The church, almost done!

We are excited to be involved in the lives of people like Pastor Pablo and his church because ultimately, their heart is for their community. And their prayer is that the problem of once packed walls of the old, delapidated structure would be a problem they would have again in the future soon - a church building too small to contain their growing congregation!

Thanks goes out as well to those who have been involved whether through prayer, financially, or with a helping hand.