Stories: Highlights of God's Faithfulness

We hope you enjoy these little snapshots into the life at Casa de Esperanza, little snippets of God's faithfulness as we see Him moving in our midst.

Huichol Bible Ministry

Update August, 2013

Last fall we meet with Pastor Waldo who shared with us the ministry to the HUICHOL TRIBAL PEOPLE. Pastor Waldo has a burning desire to disciple and train the new believers in Christ. He shared stories of entire villages coming to Christ when they heard the salvation story. We all became saddened when he shared that there were only four bibles that were left in the Huichol language as many had been lost through hurricanes etc. Pastor had only had 25 copies in his possession to begin with. This urgent need burned in our hearts. Rob Kehler took the challenge to raise the funds needed and has raised enough for 2000 copies that will have immediate homes. A mule was also purchased for traveling to the villages as it often takes 12 hours on foot to reach the villages hiking over mountain ranges and through thick forrest terrain.

Last April we sent Jonathan Cargill and Ramon to learn more of the area and to tell the story of Pastor Waldo.

Tea Party

Update June 2, 2011

One of the many outreaches in the neighborhood of Fatima was a tea party with the community ladies. It was amazing to watch the ladies from both countries try and dialogue through translators and sometimes just resorting to hand gestures to make communication work. That afternoon there were a number of guests who usually do not attend the church. It was a great outreach as not only crafts and food were shared, but most important of all a message of hope.

The Prayer Garden

Update June 2, 2011

The Prayer Garden was designed with the hope and dream that one day it would be a place where individuals would meet with there Creator in worship. Each day we now get to witness and experience that exact dream. Mornings are a peaceful and beautiful time to be sitting in the garden listening to God speak through His word and change lives. While on missions, many team members share how God speaks during these short-term mission trips with regards to their futures, sensing God's clear leading.

Now a Registered Charity in Mexico

Update June 2, 2011

We praise God that we are now registered in Mexico. The process for Canada is a lot slower so please keep this in your prayers.

Shawn and his family

Update August 10, 2013

It was with great sadness when Beatrice came to our door last June. Her four children were with her ages 3 months, 13 months, 4 and 6 years of age. Beatrice was in tears when she blurted out that Sean was dead from a car striking him.

Sean and Beatrice in the last years have struggled living right and never gave their lives fully to Jesus. The days that laid ahead were difficult for everyone. Beatrice and the children stayed with us for over a week until we moved them to her family living in Empalme. Beatrice will needs help and continuous to come to the center. Pray that we would know how to minister the best to her. It is difficult watching this young family struggle.