Stories: Ilse, Fatima

A New House and a New Testimony

Update June 1, 2011

It all began over a year ago when a team took a food basket to Ilse. If you listen to her testimony you will learn how on that occasion she opened her life to Jesus. She had asked that God would help her get off drugs and be a good parent to her son, as she also was expecting another child.

God heard her heart's cry and met her in her moment of need. Pastor Rafael testifies that, if the doors are open to the church, Ilse will be there worshipping the Lord.

Ilse was blessed this past winter when one of the youth groups gave of their own spending money and raised enough money to build her a little home for her and her boys. We are excited for Ilse as she uses her home to reach out to others in need, sharing of the Lord with them. Ilse was baptized at Easter, and is growing daily in her faith as studies God's word.

It is a thrill to see her, as she tells of the promises God continues to give her, the peace that her children have, and the gratefulness of heart she demonstrates. She is truly becoming a Proverbs 31 woman.

Photo Gallery - Ilse's New Home

Updated June 1, 2011

The Walls going up...Elsa's New Home

Ilse and her son in their new home.

One exciting story that came out of working with Pastor Rafael and the community in Fatima was concerning a young woman named Ilse. She has two young children, a two year old and a 3 month old. During the time when the Winkler MB Youth group was working in Fatima, her situation was came to the attention of the team. But first some history.

In the spring of last year while a team was handing out food hampers in the community, one group came across Ilse. Asking the recipients for prayer requests, she shared with them her life at the time, a lifestyle caught in drugs. She asked that the group would pray that she would be free from that lifestyle. Shortly there after she started going to Pastor Rafael's church and to God's glory, has not only left that lifestyle behind but has faithfully been in fellowship in Pastor Rafael's church since then.

Ilse's husband had left her and she was living with her mother. Unfortunately, though, it was not a healthy situation neither for herself nor for her boys and was living temporarily in the church. Her situation pulled on the hearts of the youth team that was here and taking an offering among the members of the youth group, they decided to build her a 12' x 16' house.

The adult team came right after and was able to complete what the youth had started, painting and furnishing the little quarter with a bed, a stove, food, curtains, and whateve they could to give this single mom who had nothing, something that she could call her own and a place to call home for herself and her children. In an emotional fairwell, they handed her the keys and with tears in her eyes, she expressed her gratitude.