Stories: Pastor Rafael & Marisela, Fatima

A Community Being Touched By God

Update June 1, 2011

Brenda holding their daughter, the miracle baby, along with her mother.

God continues to work in the community of Fatima. One exciting story took place while a team was handing out food hampers last spring. A group came across a young family that had been tried to conceive but were unable to for some time. They asked the group to pray that they would be able to have a child. A daughter, God's miracle baby, was born as they conceived shortly after the team prayed for them. The couple has started to attend the church in Fatima. The young girl's family are regular attenders. Pray that God would lead them to have a heart's desire for His ways.

It's stories like these that make us excited to be at work in this community. Through God's provision and the help of many teams the pastoral house was completed this spring and we are looking forward to diving into the second project in Fatima this coming season, a new church building in the heart of community where Pastor Rafael and his wife are now living.

Ministry in Fatima

Updated June 1, 2011

Pastoral House

Updated June 1, 2011

Pastor Rafael & Marisela

Pastor Rafael, his wife, and their 3 sons who pastor a church in a part of Guaymas called Fatima.

Over the past year we have had the privilege of working with this wonderful pastor couple and have witnessed their passion for the Lord, for the community in which they live and especially for the many children. From medical clinics, kids clubs, to handing out food hampers, many teams have had the opportunity to serve along side this Godly couple and to be a part of what God is doing in the Guaymas community of Fatima.

God has laid two needs on our hearts to construct of a new church building for them and to build a pastoral house alongside the church for the pastor and his family in the community that God has called them to minister.

Five years ago the Lord brought them to Guaymas, to a church that was spiritually in bad shape. But over the years, God has been working through them and they have come to the point where they are bursting at the seams! A large part of their vision for reaching the community has included reaching out to the many children, at times having several hundred children show up to events they put on.

For more information, check out this video, introducing the first stage of the project, the pastoral house.