Stories: Pastor Omar & Cristina, Empalme

Prayer Requests

Update June 1, 2011

It's encouraging to not only see Pastor Omar and his wife's faithful work in the community but also the church, strong and vibrant. But as we all know, growth does not come without its difficulties. Please keep these things in your prayers:

Pray for the wellbeing of the church. The church continues to grow. But often, where God is at work, the devil is often doing what he can to counter what God is doing. An example of that is a young man named Rojo, some of you might remember him. This young man, in his lower 20's used to be a vibrant leader in the church, leading the worship as well as getting a youth program going. But for the past year or so, he has fallen back into a life of drugs and is no longer regularly attending the church. He is a gentle, passionate guy who has fallen back into some of his old ways, but not beyond God's grace. Pray that God would draw him back to Himself!

Pray for the physical needs of the community and more specifically that God would continue to provide for Pastor Omar and his wife as they reach out to these needs. The past year, with all of it's economical struggles, has taken a toll on this already struggling community. Daily the pastor and his wife have people coming to their door in need of food. Pray not only for provisions, but that the people would see God as their Provider.

Ministry & Construction in Empalme

Pastor Omar & Cristina - Empalme

Pastor Omar and his wife Cristina

Pastor Omar and his wife Cristina

There are many lives who have been touched by this awesome pastor couple! For the last number of years we have been working with them in their desire to reach out to their community, one of the poorest areas of neighboring Empalme.

They have seen their church grow from a straggling few members to what it is today: bursting at the seams! God has blessed their ministry as more people have turned to the Lord through their ministry. From handing out food hampers to assisting in various building projects different teams have served alongside them over the past couple of years.

Two years ago several teams had the privelege of building them a pastoral house right beside the church. They had been living in neighboring Guaymas, making the commute several times a week in order to be with their church family. But God laid it on our hearts to build a pastoral house so that they could live in the community which they are serving. And thanks to God, this project was completed this previous winter!

Thanks to all of you who were involved! But don't just take our word of thanks. Check out this video from Pastor Omar and his wife as they convey their thanks and share what a difference this house has made in their lives and in their ministry.