Stories: Pastora Goyita, Batacosa

Satan tries, but God prevails!

Update June 3, 2011

We have revisited our sister church in Batacosa on a number of occasions this past year. We were saddened in the fall to hear that Satan was trying to destroy the body there by bringing in a division in the church. A few of the leaders who wanted full leadership tried to divide the church. We praise God for the victory in that the few who did leave were unable to destroy the body. It is always difficult and sad to watch this happen.

As a team we were able to stay in Batacosa for a week to encourage the body. Each evening we showed the Jesus film in neighboring towns, seeing many more come back to Christ. In one town, which is the larger community to Batacosa, we found the original Christian body that missionaries had begun many years ago. There were a small group of believers studying faithfully but praying that they could have fellowship with other believers. The two groups have now joined together.

In June, the Batacosa church came to the Center for a second weekend retreat and for a baptism service. Only the believers from the church who desired to be baptized came. The Pastor invited several others who did not know the Lord. On the trip out, they saw GodŐs hand of protection through a blown tire. A local pastor from San Carlos brought the first evening devotional. The following morning Juan Carlos shared and before the morning was through, five more individuals desired to receive the saving grace.

Pastor called a few days after returning to Batacosa to say the youth from the church have decided to start a youth group and invite others so they can share their faith with them. Pastor is so excited knowing God is building his church AND the gates of hell cannot prevail against it!

This November we will revisit the church for a week. We will be showing the Jesus film in the area for the motorcycle trip. When we were there last, one of the local farmers asked us to visit one of the Indian villages in the mountains. He was not a believer but knew they had lots of problems and he felt Jesus is the only answer for them to have hope again and turn from their wicked ways as he put it.

Please pray for this community of Batacosa and for the outreach in November.

First Weekend Retreat in San Carlos

Updated June 1, 2011

The Church at Batacosa

Juan Carlos sharing with the church at Batacosa

Juan Carlos and Rob Kehler went on a scouting trip by motorbike one day to see where else we might minister. This was in preparation for our motorcycle trip to Chihuaha that maybe we could reach some other towns along the way.

As they drove by bike, Juan heard that small voice within him saying that the next time Rob stops, to ask if they should go there, that is where I want you to go. It was only another fifteen minutes and Rob stopped saying those exact words. "I think we should go over there." From where they stood, you could see nothing over there, but they went in obedience as Juan responded to Rob's words - "yes we should go over there, I believe that is where God wants us".

As they left the main road and began to drive on a trail about 20 minutes, they came across a very settled community of farmers and ranchers in a town called Batacosa. There they found one evangelical church with a very discouraged yet faithful minister of the word. There were five believers and they were praying that someone would come and preach and affirm them in their ministry. They did not need or want any other help but only that of encouragement from other believers who would come to their community. Two weeks later we asked two other local Mexican pastors and our team from the center and off we headed to meet this new community. We packed 50 food hampers, boxes of Bibles, a few clothes to give away, the Jesus film and a projector.

When we arrived the church was filled with people waiting for us. We began to share the story of how God brought us to their community. The pastors shared the Word and many ears were listening intently. That night one of the dear sisters of the faith received healing in her ears so she could hear again. She is loved by the whole community and many were in awe. That night when we showed the Jesus film, there were about 100 people and many responded to the call of Jesus.

One of the ladies from the Batacosa Church who was baptized in San Carlos.

I am always a bit skeptical at these films, but since then we have gone back one more time to see the church having grown from five to over fifty. Many of the men in the community have given there lives to Christ. In July the pastor brought out many members of the church to San Carlos. She wanted the pastors who had visited them earlier to baptize the new believers. That day over 12 people were baptized. There still are more who desire to do so, but were unable to come at that time and so a second baptism was planned.

We am thankful that God has led us to this community. All praise to God as He has revealed himself to so many. The Lord is building his Church we join Him in the privilege of sharing His amazing message!